Journalist Registration

USPA News offers full-time and part-time journalists a comprehensive platform to present their editorial contributions and photos in a more professional environment. Once you register with USPA News, you will have your own Customized Beat where you will create content and publish it in a timely manner. Pictures, reports, news articles, etc. are published in real time and made available for download. Timestamps are used to provide proof of timeliness.

Take advantage of journalistic freedoms on a professional level with USPA News

Should you want to sell articles or pictures through USPA News, all responsibilities associated with such transactions lie with you as the creator. As far as content is concerned, there are no restrictions regarding the purposes to which you may use your USPA News press portal. A total of 15 beat areas, from economics to health and from sports to lifestyle, are waiting for you and your creative work, which will be showcased even better thanks to the professional infrastructures provided by USPA News. Our service is free for both USPA News reporters and readers.

Registration with USPA News is quick and easy

In order to take advantage of the various services USPA News has to offer and start using your Customized Beat, you only need to register once. Your information will be subject to a one-time verification and approval process by our team, after that you are free to publish ad libitum.
Don't hesitate and start presenting your photos and articles in a more versatile way! 





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