03/20/2015, 09:22 Time
Paul Rogers

Controversy after Sam Simon death

The Simpsons & Pamela Anderson

USPA NEWS - The comedy writer and producer Sam Simon born June 6 1955, died March 8, 2015 but already controversy has surro...

03/18/2015, 03:29 Time
Paul Rogers

Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport wins award

Named 5th best airport by Skytrax

USPA NEWS - The World Airport Awards took place on March 18, 2015 which are the most prestigious accolades for the airport ...

03/13/2015, 16:42 Time
Paul Rogers

Tourism Tower - Shining Bright for a New Generation

Tourist numbers exceed 26 million

USPA NEWS - Bangkok University is set to raise the standards of education and vocational expectations in the region with th...

03/10/2015, 04:32 Time
Paul Rogers

Awards for the Best Restaurants in Asia

Gaggan Wins the Best Restaurnt

USPA NEWS - Thailand has long been known for its exsquite food, vibrant dining and seperior service. Thai food is full of g...

03/08/2015, 05:00 Time
Paul Rogers

Frequent Flyer - Why Do We Sing The Blues?

Travelling Around The World

USPA NEWS - Travelling around the world is becoming more and more available to an ever increasing number of people but the ...

09/30/2014, 05:44 Time
Paul Rogers

Foundations of Business in Thailand

Business in Asia

USPA NEWS - The foundation of a successful business needs careful consideration. Thailand, especially is a booming economy ...

09/24/2014, 11:49 Time
Paul Rogers

Can You Afford to Retire?

Where will you live after you retire?

USPA NEWS - Paradise in retirement. Can you afford it? When the time comes to end your working life, you may not have the o...

07/16/2014, 11:51 Time
Paul Rogers

Thailand ranked 18th for Doing Business

No changes for the 2nd year in a row

USPA NEWS - Despite all the problems in Thailand over the past year doing business in Thailand is still considered profitab...




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